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Above: Metro posing with his collection of Eco-pillows, Eco-wall decor and the very fist tote which launched his fashion collection! 

Yes, we know that Metro did not attend art Yale, The Art Institute of Chicago or RI School of Design for this racehorse! Nor did he gain the love of painting as a young colt.


In order to channel his boundless energy, despite being prematurely retired due to a crippling leg condition, owner, Ron Krajewski,  taught him how to hold and use a paintbrush. The rest, as they say, is history...


Metro’s bold free style strokes create a palette of exquisite fanciful swirls and layers of texured color and has the desired effect of “washing the dust of daily life off our souls’.  It's obvious that Metro can't mix his own colors, but what he achieves with a paintbrush (in his mouth) is both exceptional and sublime.


We are 'believers' and thus proud to present the Painted by Metro Eco-decor collection  of decorative pillows, wall decor and fashion totes- with  many more things to come!


In addition, we're excited to be associated with New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program through our contributions from the sale of Metro Metero's products.






Metros' Eco-Decor Pillows


A fantastic 'piece of Metro' as a home decor accent!


Rich colors printed on 'cotton' soft Eco-sateen, a 100% recycled from plastic bottles textile, paired with a vibrant, solid 

organic cotton back. The edge piping frames these unique Metro painting reproductions.  


Each pillow is filled with another Eco product - soft fiber fill also made from domestic recycled plastic bottles!

The images are printed with an Earth-friendly process, conserving energy, creating no waste water or VOC's (airborne contaminants).


A full 18" x 18"size, they are fully washable and made in the USA,

Metro's pillow collection helps support our effort to restore domestic production.  










Painted by Metro: Secret Garden
    Painted by Metro Pillow: Run for the Roses
  • Candy Store.jpg
    Painted by Metro Pillow: Candy Store
  • Coco's Pal
    Painted by Metro Pillow: Coco's Pal
  • Flamingos in the Park.jpg
    Painted by Metro Pillow: Flamingos in the Park
  • Glacier Ice copy.jpg
    Painted by Metro Pillow: Glacier Ice
  • Payasito.jpg
    Painted by Metro Pillow: Payasito
  • Red Sky at Morning
    Painted by Metro Pillow: Red Sky at Morning
  • Secret Garden
    Painted by Metro Pillow: Secret Garden
  • spumoni_nutmeg.jpg
    Painted by Metro Pillow: Spumoni


    Metro Meteor Eco-Wall Decor Panels

    Uniting Eco and Visual in a New Way


    All the beauty and color of Metro's original artwork reproduced on Eco-textiles wall decor panels. The Eco-printed surface captures all the elements of the paintings and has no reflective quality, enhancing depth of color and texture, well beyond traditional canvas reproductions.  


    Our unique DreamTeKtm 'wrap-around' frame system adds another new element: Eco-fabric wraps around the back to the front and tucks neatly in behind the printed art panel creating a 3/8" 'border'. The result; a streamline, contemporary look with an accent of color.


    The low profile, only 1" thick, looks amazingly elegant compared to bulky frames or canvas wraps.  


    The combination of domestic Eco-textiles, our dimensional printing process and wrapped frame system presents a new alternative to traditional wall decor. Our Eco-printing uses fade resistant UV digital inks, conserves water, contains no VOC's (air borne pollutants) and is safe for the environment. 


    This product is handmade in the USA and helps rebuild domestic production. 


    Size: 24" x 24"

    Weight: 6 pounds

    Textile front: printed Eco-Sateen

    Textile back and wrap: Organic cotton

    Hanging system: sawtooth hardware








    Above: Eco-wall decor reproduction of Metro Meteor's painting, Coco's Pal, with chocolate brown  organic cotton 'wrap around' back and front edge, a new, innovative system for wall art display.

    Painted by Metro: Secret Garden


    Metros' Special "Carry-All" Fashion Tote



    Upscale and uniquely designed, our Carry All Fashion Tote  is actually a cross between a practical tote and a fashionionable bag. We call it our 'carry-all' because it's designed to do just that; to be your 'workhorse' companion whereever you go - just keep filling it; the sturdy construction is top quality. 


    The solid canvas areas and full lining are organic cotton with a magnetic snap closure. Our trademark handles are unique, adding a fashion 'element' of texture and color. Metro's paintings appear on the front as full-color digital reproduction.


    Washable and best of all, fully  made in the USA.


    The handles feature our unique web strap wrapped

    with matching solid fabric, shown here:








    Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 3.31.59 PM.png

    The Metros' Carry-All'  Fashion Tote Features:


    Metro showing off his first Eco-friendly canvas tote featuring his Pink Elephants painting, reproduced on our unique DreamTeK Eco-Twill, made of 100% recycled rPET plastic bottles, paired with 100% organic cotton canvas!

    Painted by Metro: Secret Garden