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Dream Green USA reflects trends becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide as awareness of our impact on the environment continues to be understood, or, as our environment, in reverse, effects humanity. 


Global Capital Funding 

Building a better mousetrap is a challenge, but creative minds prevail! It is our good fortune to be associated with companies with the same agenda, values and goals. Our process of creating appropriate funding, product development and marketing, is as unique as many of the projects themselves.


Combined with ownership, management and development, our programs supply support without risk. Each new program is selected to meet the criteria and requirements to receive, in return, a full spectrum of support, innovation, modernization and expansion.


Product Development & Marketing


We care about the ecological landscape of our country and earth. We want to help preserve it, as best as we can, by helping and supporting products as ecologically sound as possible. To this end we target, endorse assist in the development of products using ecologically beneficial or recycled components, organic and natural materials, natural botanical formulas, production processes that conserve energy and water, eliminate or reduce of the release of toxic chemicals into the air and water, ergonomic process designs and new technologies to better our environment.  

Good intentions aside, marketing is key to any useful product getting the audience it requires to become beneficial. We work in conjunction with companies worldwide to help bring products to the appropriate audience, governmental, military or private sector. 




We, Meaning Me and You, Can Change This:

Based in the US, but a Global Reach


Dream Green USA, although based in the United States, is an ardent believer in manufacturing in locations practical for the application of a product or process. Although the term "carbon footprint" has faded into the background, it is still one of the primary reasons projects fail or succeed.


Many products, such as garments or computer parts, are shipped internationally based in a 'country of choice' and are entirely price driven. Our imperative is focused on utilizing local materials compared to importing when possible, or ergonomic infrastructures to create workable, sustainable programs. 


We take all aspects, internal and external, into consideration and examine each layer or cycle to create the safest, most ergonomic footprint possible and create or plug into approved operating systems or organizations.


Quality and Unique Design


Building a better mousetrap is a challenge, but creative minds prevail! It is our good fortune to be associated with companies with the same agenda, values and goals. By incorporating unique concepts and advanced technologies, or simply reinventing old materials for expanded utilization or re-purposing, each project or product is evaluated to offer maximum efficiency and return on investment within the parameters of the project. 





The collection of clean, recyclable plastic bottles increases annually.  An indication of awareness and concern?  
A Few Facts About rPET Plastic:


  • Recycling 1 ton of rPET containers saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space

  • ​Approximately 12-16 plastic drinking bottles (rPET) are requrired to produce one yard of fabric

  • rPet fabrics have a 90% lower carbon footprint than nylon textile and 75% lower than virgin polyester textiles

  • 90% less water is used in making recycled polyester versus virgin polyester

  • Every pound of rPET used, reduces energy use by 84% and greenhouse gases by 71%

  • Only 7% of all plastic generated in 2009 was recovered for recycling

  • Recycling 1 plastic bottle you save 6 hours of energy from a 60 watt light bulb

  • 51 billion plastic bottles go into landfills annually

  • Plastic bottles in U.S. landfills, laid end to end, could encircle the earth 5 times

  • It takes 700 years for plastic bottles in landfills to begin decomposition

  • Currently, less than 10% of plastic bottles in the U.S. are actually being recycled


An Indonesian child rummages on a floating mass of plastic bottles & other plastic waste material.
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