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Featured Product Biodegradable Technology Systems, or BTS Biodegradables,  offers a unique additive, made in the USA,  able to convert plastic materials or all types into a useful soil or humus when in anaerobic or aerobic environments, such as landfills or debris areas.  The unique additive converts plastic to soil by converting it into a recognizable element then consumed by the natural bacteria which colonize in environments typical of where we discard debris and garbage. Dream Green USA endorses this product as highly useful to our environment globally.


Applicable to many forms of plastics including foam, PVC, films, BTS Biodegradables offers finished products such as t-shirt bags, can liners, stretch and wrap film, cutlery and service ware, packaging, food grade products, and more. 


Additive programs are able to convert your products to become biodegradable-to-soil.


Programs are currently being introduced to India, China, Africa and the Middle East. Government sponsored programs are underway to help reduce landfill volume by converting plastic waste into useful soil. 



Contact Dream Green USA for more information about products and programs offered by Biodegradable Technology Solutions.


Click link or image to open the BTS Biodegradables PDF flyer:




Convert Plastic to Soil

in Landfill and Other Environments

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