Are You A True

Custodian of the Earth?

What is a Custodian?

Just as the name implies, a Custodian is a caretaker. This means you - a person, small independent company or large corporation - responsible as a custodian of our planet by affecting your product or environment for the betterment of the future of our currently very abused planet. Before us, the planet was not in danger of its' inhabitants. Now it is. Let's do the math...

What is our Responsibility? 

     It is simply this; we know better. We are educated to know better. We have the resources to know better and act resposibily. Everything that exists on our planet is affected by us. Isn't that the same as being the parent

Stop Making Excuses!!

     Take action, become a member and let us show the World you've made the decision to be a Custodian of our planet - our Earth, and all the successes and failures we bring to it as the dominant inhabitant. 

     We need it more than it needs us; we fail, the Earth dies and our brilliant home ceases to support us - payback is a ....well, you know...what will happen if we don't prevent retribution? We render our home uninhabitable due to our negligence and misuse.