RedTop Flycatchers

A non-toxic, Eco-safe system to attract biting flies

Made with biodegradable-to-soil plastic components

Our Featured Product is the RedTop Flycatchers, sold internationally by a family-owned company. It offers a safe, non-chemical solution to help capture dangerous, biting flies which carry disease. Used by our US Military, the RedTop company will now be offering a biodegradable-to-soil plastic version. The biodegradable additive comes from one of our other great product companies, Biodegradable Technology Solutions, or BTS Biodegradables. 


The addition of the biodegradable materials to RedTrap products (flytraps and rodent traps), is an example of how Dream Green USA helps direct companies to better their products, offer more Eco-oriented products and help with our directive of humanitarian and ecologically-beneficial products.


If you were contacted to review the RedTop Flycatcher product or would like more information, Dream Green USA can help you.

Click Below to Link to the RedTop Flytrap & Rodent Trap PDF flyer or Material Safety Data Sheet PDF: