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New Funding Opportunities

Availability of Funding for New Project Opportunities

Currently, funding has been approved for projects related to the categories outlined. Companies approved by our vetting system may qualify as a vendor for supply of products and services. Funding is directed to the purchaser, a government agency or private concern. Pre-approved vendors or suppliers with ideal products or services which meet the criteria of approved projects, are allocated funds, assigned a purchase order, or offered a contract or agreement for purchase.

Currently Funded Target Products 

Dream Green USA, LLC in conjunction with Hawkeye Global, LLC has acquired funding of $25 million US dollars for allocation of purchase in these specific  product and service categories:

  1. Power Supply: Solar or wind power programs, or safe, affordable generators for use in underdeveloped countries including Africa, South America, Central America, Costa Rica, Panama and the Caribbean basin. Government land grants have been executed.

  2. Purification: Well-priced water purification systems for underdeveloped or 3rd world countries including areas of Central and South America, Africa, various islands and countries in need of clean, safe water.

For more information, contact: Kevin Brown, Hawkeye Global, LLC  T: 813-789-1511

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