Mosquito Control


An age old problem, virus carrying mosquitoes have plagued mankind and introduced multiple deadly and dangerous virus to populations worldwide. Utilizing non-deet, natural and homepathic botanicals, safer methods can affect the onslaught of dangerous mosquito transmitted viruses while preserving the enviroment, pollinators and people's health. 

Acoustical - Insulation Materials


In conjunction with QuietGreen Technologies Eco-acoustical fiber replaces fiberglass and adds a new element aside from unique sound control in homes and buildings: insulation. An innovative technology design, the two elements combine to control each property 'by design' and with outstanding results.  

A Few of Our Model Projects 


Our unique, innovative partners locate and develop suitable programs in conjunction with our targeted capital funding requirements. With their insights, input, and project management skills, we are able to successfully bring much-needed capital to ideal companies and markets worldwide.  Our process of creating appropriate funding is as unique as many of the projects themselves.














Waste Fiber Building Materials

Grow grain or rice, then use the shaft fibers to make hard wall materials, roofs, interior walls, even furniture, with acoustic, fireproof, waterproof natural properties - it's part of a new repurposing program to manufacture self-sustaining communities from food to shelter.   

Container-Based Fish Farming

Building a better mousetrap is a challenge, but creative minds prevail!  An evolving industry supplying much needed entrepreneurial, socially responsible opportunities in addition to a reliable food source, building sustainable fish farms appropriate to their environment has a multi-level effect on local communities.

Green Buildings & Structure Revitalization


Uniquely designed, our makeovers or new construction programs offer Eco-benefits from the inside out. Targeting ideal interior environments including cleaner air, EMF buffering, noise pollution protection, water filtration, elimination of off-gassing, health-enhancing lighting; a host of possibilities to create ideal work environments, public gathering spaces or private home interiors.


Each project incorporates layers of planned product applications designed to enhance or create a greener, safer environment and help prevent sick-building syndrome. 

Biodegradable-to-Soil Plastics


Biodegradable Technology Solutions offers proprietary eco-technology offerings a compounded organic formula able to be added to all plastics at the manufacturing level. The additive quickly reduces plastic into a microbially-rich material which biodegrades into hummus, reducing landfill waste in 1 - 5 years compared to hundreds of years currently required to fragment plastic into particles. Products currently in production include plastic garbage bags, straws, stretch film, food packaging, shopping bags, t-shirt bags and other common plastic items. 


The addition of a natural insect repellent formula is ideal for table covers and trash bags where insects are problematic, including dangerous mosquitoes. 

Non-Fiberglass Acoustic 'Art' Panels


Sound control with a new 'face'; Eco-digitally printed materials made from recycled plastic bottles offer photo-quality imagery with the added benefit of acoustic properties. Now artwork, wall panels and ceiling tiles can offer the benefit of beauty and sound buffering functionalilty. 

Eco Textile Development


In association with Dream Green Productions,, recycled bottles become textiles and are applied to home decor, fashion, banners, novelty and other repurposed end products. Utilizing eco-digital ink printing, coloration and image reproduction take on a new form and meaning.